hey everyone..
I need to find an algorithm that runs a search in a rundomly made binary tree that holds the keys 1 to n and looks for a subdomain..let's say I'm looking for nodes between the keys 4-30.
I can't find any example codes on the web or explanations..even in Corman's book!! :S
I need to find the number of nodes the algorithm goes through in the worst, average and best case performance.
I'm really a beginner in all of this and COMPLETLY lost, can someone please help me understand what to do and where to even start?

You need to explain your problem better. What is a subdomain? Why are "keys"? What about the binary tree lets you search efficiently? If it's just a binary tree, and not the more specific case of a binary search tree, you'll just have to search through the nodes linearly.

the search looks for 2 nodes as I said for example 3,9- then we are looking for the part of the tree between the nodes that hold those keys (3,9)
I meant to say it's a binary search tree and the keys/value (it's a search tree for numbers, so key is a number) 1 to n were inserted randomly, and then I need to do count the number of nodes the algorithm goes through in the search, and show the worst, average and best case performance, as a function of the nodes in the tree, and the number of nodes between the two nodes the algorithm looks for..
I wish I could explain myself better but it's hard to explain something that I don't understand at all!!!