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You need to explain your problem better. What is a subdomain? Why are "keys"? What about the binary tree lets you search efficiently? If it's just a binary tree, and not the more specific case of a binary search tree, you'll just have to search through the nodes linearly.


the search looks for 2 nodes as I said for example 3,9- then we are looking for the part of the tree between the nodes that hold those keys (3,9)
I meant to say it's a binary search tree and the keys/value (it's a search tree for numbers, so key is a number) 1 to n were inserted randomly, and then I need to do count the number of nodes the algorithm goes through in the search, and show the worst, average and best case performance, as a function of the nodes in the tree, and the number of nodes between the two nodes the algorithm looks for..
I wish I could explain myself better but it's hard to explain something that I don't understand at all!!!

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