i,have came through a problem that is the operating system is a driver or not,though i,know that an OS provides an environment to the drivers and specfically speaking it is drive the data from source(H/W orS/W)to the destination.but does really an OS is a driver though it also provides an interface between hardware and software.
help me........

Um, it's hard to understand you, so I'm going to guess that the answer depends on the definition of 'driver'.

Edit: but more seriously, I'd say no, based on the way the word 'driver' is used in common usage.

A driver handles the abstraction of hardware to a software construct.

Operating systems handle allocation and management of other more abstract constructs (such as files, sockets, and processes), rather than JUST hardware access, as drivers do.

Does this answer your question?

thank you for your answer ,it has helped me to conclude the answer.