I need help with my homework. I am little bit behind in my class bec my teacher is not helping me at all.

Here is directions for my homework on flowchart:

A soft-drink manufacturer produces several flavors of drink—for example, cola, orange, and lemon. Additionally, each flavor has several versions such as regular, diet, and caffeine-free. The manufacturer operates factories in several states.

Assume you have input records that list version, flavor, yearly production in gallons, and state (for example: Regular Cola 5000 Kansas). The records have been sorted in alphabetical order by version within flavor within state. Design the report that lists each version and flavor, with minor total production figures for each flavor and major total production figures for each state.

Please HELP!!!!


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Posting your homework isn't going to get you help. You need to specify what you don't understand, and if you want help with a solution, post what you've already tried so we don't assume you're mooching off of us.

Look i am not mooching off you or anyone. Like I said, I asked my teacher for help several times and she is not helping at all. I re-read the chapter many times and I am so confused and lost.


>Look i am not mooching off you or anyone.
Oddly enough, everyone says that. But that's not the point.

>Like I said, I asked my teacher for help several times and she is not helping at all.
Maybe you asked a vague question that she can't answer, just like you did here. The only way to answer your question is to walk you through the solution. However, flowcharts are difficult to work with in a text-only forum, and since this is your homework, walking you through the solution is hardly conducive to your education.

What you need to do is ask a specific question. If you're clever, you can chain specific questions together and get complete help for your problem, but until you ask a question that we can answer, we simply cannot help you.

Okay can i send you my previous homework and teacher's comment on my homework?
Maybe you can help me understand better. I am more visual...

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