I have to implement in C an distibuted algorithm, which counts the number of processes in a full-connected network when happens f byzantine faults.

Could you help me with the algorithm ? Only a basic idea!
I don't want the implementation.

I am looking in web and I found EIGBYZ algorithm, but I can't understand it.

Any help?? please
Thanks a lot

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Perhaps you could explain which part you don't understand?

If I run the algorithm EIGBYZ with 4 processes [A,B,C,D] and f=1 fault for example.
with initial values 0,0,0,1 and the last proccess is fault what is the output from the algorithm ?

A: B->0, C->0, D->unknown
B: A->0, C->0, D->unknown
C: A->0, B->0, D->unknown
D: A-<unknown B->unknown, C->unknown, D->unknown

To count my proccesses I have instead to send a value to increase a counter for every message ?
And if the fault proccess sends two messages ??

I can't understand!

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