What I need to do is grab information in an "internet-station-control" program (NetTime) I have on my pc (The server) that tells me whether or not the user has used up their minutes on the internet-station connected to my pc (The server) that I'm running the program from, then run a program of sorts that deletes whatever minutes they haven't used and resets their minutes to the daily alowance (already paid for) at a set time (when no-one's available to set it manually.)

Will I be able to use an .exe/.bat file in the startup menu for this function? If so, how do I edit it to do so? And How do I get it to run on schedule?

Oh, just to mention: This is not a homework assignment, and I'm not a student of the computer languages, I only know BBcode from forum websites like this one.

PS: I would have added this in as an edit, but I cannot seem to find the "edit post" function. Sorry for doubleposting/bumping this thread.

The short answer is yes.

The longer answer is no.
> I'm not a student of the computer languages
Without some ability to write out the commands you want to perform, it's going to be hard to explain at a distance.

> (when no-one's available to set it manually.)
Does this mean you know exactly what to type when there is someone around?

Well, I have edited code where I can see where the reference needs to be, but that was awhile ago, in javascript or something, so I don't know if it's the same or different with exe/bat files.

Also, how would I input mouse-clicks? Is there a program that I can run to record the mouse-clicks (like macros in Excel) while in the main OS (XP professional)

As for setting it manually, I'm writing this program because I'm not always at work at the point where the user accounts need to be refreshed to 120 mins per day (Refreshed at 12 midnight.), and my colleagues don't know how to do it, so they don't bother. I'm the only one who knows what to click where and what to input. Should I use screencaptures?

Thanks, that's brilliant. Now all I have to do is figure out how to trigger the macro-like recording at 12 every day. Thaks a stack, Salem. You're a life-saver!!!

Okay... back to the drawing board. The programs you suggested, Salem, are unable to grab the information I need from the program, since the mouse automation doesn't distinguish what it's grabbing, it just grabs what's in the area that the mouse moves over, and since the log that comes with the program I'm grabbing from is not exactly static, I can't grab that info. What do I do?

Do you have any links to the software on the web, so we can read about it?

Are you able to do something like
File->Save Log As...."

I'm using NetTime software, and I think it does give the option to "save log as", but since the PC that I have the program on has crashed, and is in need of being sent in for repairs, I think we'll have to leave it for now. I'll get back to you on whether the program I installed was the cause of the crash when I find out more.

Okay... so the installation of the software didn't affect the server-pc and cause it to crash, but now the trial period has expired. I guess I'll have to move on to the next one on the list.

I can manually save the log if that's what's required... Maybe in notepad or MS Word?

Not really solved, but no longer needed.