Hello All,
I am interested in creating a bot to find the same info on the web each day and compile it in excel or access etc. I wondered where to start. I'm not a programer yet so I need advice on which language to learn and where to look for advice. I'm not interested in bots that talk, my business is data collection and research and this would vastly speed up my work. Can anyone offer any advice.

thanks for reading

You need a spanking, not a programming tutorial.
What you want to do is a blatant violation of most websites' terms of service.

my business is data collection

We are not going to assist in the n-th email-harvester. Now you have to convince me that your request is legitimate or this thread is off.

there is no legitimate reason. Any website where the operators have information they wish to release for republication will have other means to gain access to that information, be it through some sort of web services API, email newsletter, or whatever.