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:!: How should I plan for my cert exam 70-270? Any one who has passed this exam plz guide me.

Which exam is that?


I could not understand what you are asking if it is of MCSE cert exam 70-290. Then I can best suggest you that you should go through the exam objectives and then select a book that will cover all the exam objectives.
One have to do exhaustive study before one faces the real exam. But the most important part is go for practice questions. The more you practice the more you are prepared to face the real exam.

But my personal view is hard and sincere labour pays in the long run.


Thanks for the suggestion! I had been been follwing the MS press book but still I need some good study notes as this single book is not too insufficient for me. I have done some google search but came across a number of sites. So I am much in dillema which one to opt for. Any help will be much appreciated.

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