Hello everybody!
My name is Matic and I've been checking these forums for quite a while now. I know C++, C# and a few other languages. I really did not know where to ask this question, and I think this is the right place. The problem is, I changed my OS from WinXP 32-bit to Win7 64-bit. I have this graphics tablet (Wacom Intuos GD-0608-R), that uses a serial data cable (COM) and is no longer supported for my OS.
I allready E-Mailed Wacom, but instead they turned me down and asked me to buy a new graphics tablet, which i really don't want to do, because this tablet cost me quite a few bucks. I've been trying to use different tricks I found by Google, but none seem to work on x64.
So, I recently ran accross a program called Virtual Tablet, that runs on Win7 x64 and emulates the drivers for over 500 tablets. While the tablet now functions as a mouse with a very bad refresh rate (the pointer flicks) it is not recognized as a tablet by OS.

What i wanted to ask: Is it possible to somehow use the old win XP drivers and implement/upgrade them for windows 7 x64? A lot of people would be very pleased if they could use their old tablets again, since these things run and run perfectly for years!

I kindly ask you not to shout at me if I posted this on a wrong forum, but this is really my last resort. After a week of struggling and googling, i have no solution. Help please!


This will tell you all you need to know for writing your own drivers

This will tell you all you need to know about actually talking to the tablet (I guess)

Since you mentioned that it is a serial port, chances are the protocol is pretty simple.
There's probably a DDK sample code for the serial port which would be easy to hack into shape once you know what the tablet sends.

Thank you, that should do the trick! :)
If i manage to make the driver work, i'll upload it so everybody can use it.
Thanks again!