Hello everybody!
My name is Matic and I've been checking these forums for quite a while now. I know C++, C# and a few other languages. I really did not know where to ask this question, and I think this is the right place. The problem is, I changed my OS from WinXP 32-bit to Win7 64-bit. I have this graphics tablet (Wacom Intuos GD-0608-R), that uses a serial data cable (COM) and is no longer supported for my OS.
I allready E-Mailed Wacom, but instead they turned me down and asked me to buy a new graphics tablet, which i really don't want to do, because this tablet cost me quite a few bucks. I've been trying to use different tricks I found by Google, but none seem to work on x64.
So, I recently ran accross a program called Virtual Tablet, that runs on Win7 x64 and emulates the drivers for over 500 tablets. While the tablet now functions as a mouse with a very bad refresh rate (the pointer flicks) it is not recognized as a tablet by OS.

What i wanted to ask: Is it possible to somehow use the old win XP drivers and implement/upgrade them for windows 7 x64? A lot of people would be very pleased if they could use their old tablets again, since these things run and run perfectly for years!

I kindly ask you not to shout at me if I posted this on a wrong forum, but this is really my last resort. After a week of struggling and googling, i have no solution. Help please!


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Thank you, that should do the trick! :)
If i manage to make the driver work, i'll upload it so everybody can use it.
Thanks again!

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