Dear forum member,

I am conducting a survey on current software development practices as a part of my Capstone Project. In this survey I want to find out how the software development approaches are used in current scenario.

I would greatly appreciate you participating in this survey. This survey will take you no more than 15 minutes of your precious time. It is now open and will be closed in 90 days.

Note: This survey is anonymous, so no personal information will be asked.

The Link to the survey:

Thank You!!!

and you're asking that question on a site where 90% of the population are homework kiddos who never do anything at all except dump their assignments here and then get angry when they don't get a solution to turn in as their own in 5 seconds?

I answered it from the point of view of "a homework kiddo doing nothing at all except waiting to be spoon-fed an answer in 5 seconds" ;)

I took it for you and I answered honestly but your answers won't mean anything. You can't apply generalizations to a community unless you know who that community is composed of...

I agree. Any baboon could have clicked a few yes/no answers. You should've asked what their profession is, what education they had, how many years of experiece (in which fields) etc.