Hey guys I was curious to see how ADO.net and SQL server could rank against each other.

I have read into it and from what I understand is that SQL server is a medium for retrieving data and ADO.net is for storing data.

Am I right in believing this?
Does ADO.net and SQL server compliment each other or are they the same concept? If so what are theyre differences and similarities?

Thanks for your time guys


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I'm unsure about the source of your confusion. What does the documentation and other information online say about these products?

They say that they are both DBMS technologies.

Which is the more powerful one? Which would be better suited to implement in vb.net?

Thanks again guys

It's not a question of which is more powerful. They are different things.

SQL Server is a database system. It stores, manages, and retrieves data.

ADO.net is a data access layer that provides an API to interact with data stored in many different formats, including SQL Server, though you could also connect to Oracle, Sybase, MySQL, and other database systems (and even non-database sources if you wish)

You cannot store data in ADO.NET itself - you use it to access data stored in some other system.