i need to make a program that would basically monitor the raw data from the firewire port on my pc, encode it to ethernet protocol, and send to mac. and on the mac create a virtual firewire mounting point and interpret data back to firewire, i would imagine this would be possible.

i only need this to run the fw400 so the cat5 would have 2 "pins" extra, i don't see how this would be impossible with an interpreter on both ends

PC is 2.53 c2duo 4gbram running Linux mint and windows 7
Mac is Imac intel 2.4 4gbram running OsX 10.6 snolepard
the device is a 003rack audio interface from digidesign

im not sure if this is even possible but what programming language would be best for this and where would i find any refrence of similar code? thanks

should be possible, if you go down deep enough and know enough low level programming languages and techniques.
C or C++ would certainly be needed, probably Assembler as well, and both on the sending and receiving operating systems.

any progams that similar as far as interprating firewire or ethernet you can think of off hand that i might be able to pull source from so i can get an idea of the structuring that would be involved