I would like to develop GPS software for my mobile phone...

it has a built in GPS, just i cant get software which is either free of charge or exactly what i need..

i know i have to use java....

but exactly where do i start with this?

all help will be appreciated

you start by spanking yourself.
A big reason such software isn't free is the data you need, the maps and stuff.
That data costs money, quite a bit of money in fact.

So even if you were to create the software (which will require extensive knowledge of mobile platform programming, so learning J2ME or Symbian for example would be a good start, and begin with simple things, not GPS tracking stuff) you'd not have the thing you want because you'd still have to pay a ton of money for the data that software needs.
And the companies owning that data are often the same ones that sell the software, so they might not be too keen to supply you with it.

Thanx for the reply, everything you said is understandable...

but then, cant i just take an open source GPS software, port it to mobile? and then use it?

wont that work the same?

yup, that would work. IF you have access to the map data which that product won't include, you'd still have to buy that.

Or you must be content with a program that has no graphical display, roadmaps, ets. It'd be just a way to tell you to go north, south, east, or west without telling you how to get there.

hmmm once again thanx, would be easier to just buy it i guess..

thanx for the replies

that's usually the way. Those professionals aren't paid a decent salary for nothing.