I was just curious is anyone has ever programmed a AI agent for Connect 4. I'm currently working on one right now for a class. I'm working on using backtracking/recursion to solve it. If you have, did you use recursion? Just curious what other methods are out there. I am programming it in C++ and I'm almost done(happy) with it. I'll share the source, if anyone is interested in playing it, or just looking at the code.
- Daniel

Ok, I think I finished it. If anyone has some spare time, please play it! Tell me what you think. I know the game itself isn't so high tech, but it is a school project, and the point was not to make the game fancy. The emphasis was on the AI agent. Try to beat it, and let me know if you find any flaws. I uploaded a win32 standalone executable here:


Go ahead and scan it for virii if you don't trust me, but I promise, it's safe =). I also have the source code available if anyone is interested. It compiles with G++ and Visual Studio .NET 2003.


Pretty cool. I actually started writing a console connect four game in c++ this morning. I'm done with it, but it's only two player. Shortly I'll be working on it for human vs computer.