Hi. I have this strange idea and I want to know if it's something. It's supposed to be a solution for hosting files/sites or running web services without a server (so that you don't have to use a costly server or have to keep your pc turned on all the time - the server is actually a bunch of powered on computers in a group). This can be useful if you want to host something that doesn't consume a lot of resources, e.g. a personal site as otherwise you have to pay for a lot of unnecessary space which you're not going to need and costs too much. Here it is:

Basically the solution is a system which sorts the users into groups of around 15 - 30. The group's resources can be something like a virtual server or a bunch of files. Every user in the group gets a copy of the resources and whenever they get updated. every user gets the update as soon as their computer is turned on. That way when someone wants to access a certain resource only 1 of those 15 - 30 computers has to be turned on and that way the resources are practically always available and the users can host what they need to without having to keep their computer on all the time. Now this of course is made for hosting small stuff like a website and not ram & cpu consuming programs as every user has to be able to host the remaining users' resources.

Is there a technology that does this and if not how stupid is my idea? Please take it easy on me - I'm only 15.

This solution isn't uncommon. Last I heard, a stack of Mac Minis made for a decent load balanced server farm (as opposed to the usual career as a doorstop).

Actually what I'm trying to achieve is p2p hosting and as there are some programs that do this, it's not very popular.

It's very popular among kids downloading pirated movies, music, and software.

It's very popular among kids downloading pirated movies, music, and software.

Not exactly what I meant....

it's however exactly how the pirate 2 pirate networks work...

You seem to want to combine pirate 2 pirate networking with cloud computing.