I have a computer with win xp 32 bit that I have in a network with a computer with a Canon ip4200 printer that is on the windows 7 home 64 bit computer. I can see the shared files on both of the computers, but I can not get the printer(the printer is installed on the win7 home 64 bit computer) to work with the xp 32 bit computer. The win 7 64 bit computer will not install 32 bit drivers, but I installed the 32 bit xp driver on the win xp machine but just can not get the xp machine to print through the network to the win 7 home 64 bit computer. Do I install this through a port in the printer set up dialog, or how to do this?

make sure that both computers have the right printer driver. make sure the firewalls and network settings allow communication. I use the same identity and same password for both machiunies and have two printer on a

oops sorry to continue, I use the same ID and password login on both machines and as an administrator! Check that the printer is set up for sharing!
The win 64 computer should install 32 bit drivers as it has a separate system for this even if you have the 64 bit ones;
worth tryiung taking down the firewall as I had similiar problems with third ubuntu machine and it was the firewall blocking it.