I need help in finding an existing algorithm that is used in an existing application.

And then I should find bugs / errors / problems on the said existing algorithm so I could enhance it and I should come up with a new and enhanced application.

It is the main course of my thesis. Any suggestions? I am capable of using C, C++, VB6 and Access.


Linux is written in C. Look at its scheduling algorithm and see how it could be improved.

How about VB stuffs? It's what I'm good at.

i would suggest to go through various fields of computer science were algorithms are extensivesly applied ( i.e almost all the fields ) find your area of interest in them and then find what has been done in that particular field
ie the scope , recent tech etc
Finally according to your caliber , select a topic and understand the current implementation of algorithm and then u jump into making your own ,in a better way.

Algorithms are not dependent on Programming languages , any language (almost ) can execute a particular algorithm , it all comes down to logic which u must develop in order to enhance existing algorithm.
later u can think of performance issues , if a particular language isnt as scalable as you wanted it to be.

^ Rephrasing part of what he said, if you can make algorithm X run faster in VB by making some change to X producing X', odds are - if you changed something fundamental - X' will run faster than X in other languages, too.