hi every body,

I came across a problem basedcoomand prompt ,
I need to concert my fiile to another format to support my project
but actaully i got an error with that,

C:\Documents and Setting\Premsathish\"NAtive2ascii -encoding utf-8 time.txt output destinationfile.tc\xt"
but i am getting 2 errors
Native2ascii is not recogonised as an internal or external Errors.

outputdestination.txt are two files that are used.
plz help me to understand how ds code execute also explain.

Explain your problem better. It sounds to me like the command prompt is trying to tell you that the command line utility you're trying to use doesn't actually exist or cannot be found basically. But I'm no expert.


To add to that I think there is a way in Microsoft OS'es to add an exe so that it is recognizable to be run anywhere from the command line. Otherwise you can navigate to the directory where your exe is located and run it from there. Don't know if that's helpful. My usual strategy is to "figure it out" when dealing with command line tools.

i see that you are using quotation marks when entering your command at the command propmt, try removing those.