Hi im doing bachelor degree of science IT. Now im in da final year n searching for a topic for my Final year project.I interested to develope a system using PHP but i still did not come out wif any idea, the previous idea that i give to my supervisor was rejected.the topic was (appointment system for lecturers and students, system for Industrial Training Students)
Im so blur right now, I hope someone can help me, plz.

Though I am not a PHP programmer, I think a project on creating a "Social Networking Site" may be a good idea.
U can have this link for ur help.
U can also post in the PHP forum for better help...

thanks alot dear kings mitra, thanks for the link n the suggestion. the link is really cool..
the Previous batch had done the "Social Networking Site"..but i will try discuss with my supervisor..thanks once again.. :)

Best of luck :) for ur project...
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1.Create a Content Management system using PHP like Joomla
2.Create a web application that enables students to share seminar topics like<<snip>>
3.Create an e commerce web site in PHP
4.Create a search engine optimization application in PHP

thanks alot dear raj developer..those r very good ideas..kind of u dear..thanks alot :)