Hello peeps,

I am currently doing a project on a system that handles online coursework submission. The project has some items there but i wanted to add more features such as security. Thereby, I am going to have to make a survey in order to get responses.

So I want to ask you what your occupation is, do you frequently submit online and what do you feel is the security holes when submiting online .

If you are a computing student then can you plz tell me some security methods that weak which are used in present systems or any computing methods that are great at protecting the system.

Thank you very much:) !

One of the biggest problems with submitting homework online is that of determining whether the homework being submitted was actually done by the student--or, perhaps, was instead the result of the student going online and trying to talk someone else into doing the student's homework instead.

Which is what you appear to be doing by asking this question in the first place.

In other words, if you want people in this forum to help you with your homework, you have to start by doing it yourself, and then explaining where you've gotten stuck. Then you might get useful hints.

okay arkoenig,

I think you got the wrong end of the stick- that was not my intention . I know the guidelines of forums and I am not trying to make people do my "homework".

I am assuming that you are trying to help me but Plz don't point fingers . I am simply trying to conduct a survey on which i will use within my project planning. I didn't tell you to do my planning - just answer a few questions ! but if you don't want to answer my question then simply don't reply ! These types of responses
you gave me hinders others to respond to me .

So i will underline the fact that this is a SURVEY and not "HOMEWORK" .