I am 16 years old and I wanted to know which science program to take for my last year of high school. (I'm already in high math).

Either: -Social science (geography and history)
-Pure science (chemistry and physics)

That's not all, though. If it were that simple, I would have gone to pure science.

My school offers an option course, and this year, they added physics into the mix. My question is:
Do I take pure science or social science with physics as an option?

If it helps, I'm in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Thanks a bunch

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Hi DoubleJump and welcome to DaniWeb :)

I personally think you should do whichever interests you the most, and only you can answer that. If you can't decide perhaps think about what career are you would like to pursue after you finish your studies and do some research about what sorts of subjects might help you achieve your goal. Perhaps you can talk to a career advisor at your school?

Sorry I can't give you more advice than that.


Take pure science. Social science is basically worthless, you can always learn about geography and history when you're old. Real science is best learned when young.

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