I have just started programming classes, so I am in the Basic of all classes...BASIC..and I have been searching all over the place to get assistance with writing code for class. It is not that I want someone to do it for me, I want to either find the info myself and play around with it to do what I want it to do, or for someone to assist me.
Our final assignment for the class was supposed to be one that was not all that difficult..just create a sequential access file where a user can enter the requested criteria, and have it print on the screen and stored in a file, however I could not get it to print or to appear in the text file. The only thing that would was quotes.
I know the fact that I am blind does not exactly help the search for info but i am determined.
Anyway, while searching I started getting carried away with my little project and have been attempting to convert it into a full fledged database. I have written almost 400 lines of code that I have discovered on other sites--but they were for other programming programs-so I edited it, added to it, manipulated it and so forth. I haven't done too bad considering I have only been at it for several days; But I am still no further along when I started. My file is created--but text still does not appear in the text file and I can not get it to print on the screen. Does anyone happen to know where someone can get assistance with plain basic programming so I can try to see where I am making my mistakes and if it is just something as simple as a dash instead of an equal sign?(I am an expert at that.) Thank you