hye...i need some guideline for my project...actually, i want to develop one program for my faculty but i didnt know and confuse what language and platform should i use...This is a situation for my program / software that i want to develop..

1. Most of student in my faculty didnt get any information / notice that issued by my faculty and the students will get that information / announcements are too late and this make it difficult for students to participate in programs / activities that conducted by my faculty. Before this, my faculty just post a notice that relating to the activities on our notice board in my faculty.

2. So, i would like to develop a software where the students are required to download the software and installed it on their computers to obtain any information / announcements that issued by our faculty. After the student already done in their installation, they just need to press a button "get a latest information/announcement" and the popup of announcement / information will come out automatically on their computer screen.

3. any information / announcement that issued by the faculty will governed by our faculty staff and the information / announcement will be stored in the database for future reference

Please help me...please guide me...im confuse which language and platform that are suitable to develop this software...please guide me, what i should learn and anything else to develop this software...

I'm developing something very similar right now..
Since you want all the students to have access to the program I think it'd be better to make a website in PHP. that way they don't need to download anything and install..u know how many students would actually give their time to install your program? I don't think that many lol

i know..but im trying to facilitate the student and the faculty..some student are forgot to open the faculty website to obtain the new announcement or information..thats why i want to develop this application....i just want to know which platform and programming language that are suitable to develop this application...how about the vb.net??? is it suitable to develop this application??

oh so there is already a site? I thought by board u meant like REAL board lol
so why not just improve the already existing site? make it send automatic emails to students that way they'd see it for sure (if they want)..if they don't open the site what makes you think they'd open your program?
can't advise on the vb.net..sorry

make a facebook page n now evryone got GPRS connection they will get the updates right away simple n very easy

Maybe you could make some kind of Tweeter style application which polls announcements and notices and sends you/the class a Tweet?

I think the application could be cool because if it didn't consume a lot of resources I would let it reside in my system tray, it could incorporate some other cool stuff too, like customizing notifications, etc. I think a Windows 7 style pop-up box telling me about some event would be superior to checking a website.

If I were to be doing it, I would consider Java or C#.