Hi, I am rapidly getting involved deeper programming and I want to know more about fundamental computer concepts. Could you drop some good tittles for me please? THANKS

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did you mean programming concepts or computer concepts.?

Because computer concepts are no where related to programming unless you handle
assembly langugages and al..

In my view a programmer who is perfect in programming concepts(syntax,semantics..) can code any sort of software..

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I want to do some hardware programing, also to have a deeper knowledge about what is computer science all about :D but I just bought one book about it and waiting for it to be dispached to my front door. And another about PC hardware.


For software engineering, these are required reading

1. Niklaus Wirth: Algorithms + Data Structures = Programs, published by Prentice-Hall
2. Donald Knuth: The Art of Computer Programming, 4 volumes, published by Addison-Wesley

As for fundamentals of computer hardware, I don't know off hand what would be equivalent in depth to those above for software, but I know there is plenty of good material in the Wikipedia.

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