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Hey Every body;
I am now preparing my self for my last year in college, and I want some suggestions for my Graduation Project . the problem that I dont have an applicable idea

i need GP idea as embeded sysetm or microprocessor system

can any body help me with an idea??

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One thing to work on is why there are
a) so many other posts just like this
b) which those posts seem to have faulty keyboards with all the bogus repetition of letters for no apparent reason.

You'd think people reaching graduation would have stopped writing like 5 year olds.

eng.nema you can get the idea yourself, we're like you, our minds have not the dozen of GP ideas as you think, we can answer you in design question, programming task, and so on..
try to get some ideas and we can recommend some of them.

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Thanks alot,RamyMahrous
but i realy have aproblem
i study in palestine, and doctors doesn't help us to decide a project

i want to design complete system (hardware with it's software) thus i move forward Embeded system
but the problem is we have not take this course in the college

i search for ideas to begin with my GP, so help me if you can
thank you in advance................

me to I was studying Computer Science in Egypt, the professors don't help in finding a project idea. you MUST do that on your own, because that's your project you should develop what you feel may make a difference!

If you are CS student, try to keep hardware a way for some reasons (time, team members, ...) you can work in software idea absolutely software.

if you're convinced, so tell me which computer field you're interested in?!

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Salllam 2 all of you.......
just i need an idea just name any projecte plz
and 4 ur known i'm good at java and vb and websites application.........
by the way i' studying IT ......................

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the last visit 4 the members was befor a yeares

i think i'll get my answer after a years >...............>

where are you members................where ????????

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we're not in the process of helping lazy, thread hijacking, zombie resurrecting, homework kiddos like you.

Do your own homework.

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