First of all, I want you all to know that I am illiterate when it comes to computer porgramming and all of the other aspects that make a computer work and function; I will not be using the correct terminology and I ask that you answer my question in lamence terms as well lol.

That being said, here goes. I run a website that gets hundreds of categorized public messages a day. Many of the these messages receive a standard, universal reply. I am hardly ever home so when I'm able to check the messages, I'm often continuously "pasting" the same answer into the reply field and hitting send. This gets pretty annoying and tiring when there are about 300/day.

Sometimes the correct answers to these questions need to be screened and furthur charactherized which involves imputing the question into a search bar (not really a search engine), searched, then imputing the answer back into the original "answer" box, then the send button needs to be hit.

It would be so great if there were something that done all of this automatically. I have a friend that uses some kind of script with firefox (keep in mind that I know NOTHING about this or how it works; I just know that's what he calls it and it makes his computer do things automatically) so perhaps that is all I need. I'm semi-familiar with what a bot does. No idea how it works etc. If this is possible, PLEEEASE tell me how to go about getting it started. Please put the steps in exact order (no assuming that I know what you're wanting me to assume); talk to me like I'm a 3 year old lol.

So again, I need something that does several things automatically:
1. Copies the message
2. Imputs the message into a "search engine"
3 ."Clicks" the search button"
4. Copies the only ONE answer that is generated (I search a database that is on my computer so this part isn't web-based)
5. Imput that answer back into the original "answering box" (reply box?)
6. "Click" send

Then start all over again. The messages come up all together but once I open one, answer it, the next one automatically populates, without showing anyother message, so there would be no confusion with which message to begin the process with.

Sorry so long, but I wanted to try my best to draw a complete picture of what I need, if it's even possible lol. Thanks for any help.

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I have never done anything like this, and my html and javascript knowledge is very limited. (I do java) But since no one else answered for a week, I thouht I'd just throw some of my ideas out there.
So I am assuming this message that you will be getting, has to be stored under a variable the you have access to? (Even though you say you dont know anything, surely you must know at least a little html for you to run a website?)

I do not know what happens to this variable when a message is removed, or while there are no new messages. So this is all going to come out in Java, but it should be somewhat similar for html or whatever code your site is run on. Here I am assuming that the value of this variable is going to be null when there are no new messages.

while(variable var != null){] 

In java, this loop will keep on doing something (to be written between {}.) as long as this variable holding your received message text is holding any value at all. To come is what this loop does. Note that for this to work, you need to upload your database to your site (maybe as a webpage hidden from everyone but you?). The variable x is the variable your database takes as an input in this example.

x = var;
String a = search(x);     //As I have almost no information, it is impossible for me to know how to go about clicking the search button. Assume that search(x) clicks the button, and searches for String a is another valuable that holds the text returned from your search. 

Even though I am not being specific at all, how to send this answer back is impossible with so little information. If you linked your site, pasted all the sourcecode, and told me more, very specific details about your database and what kind if messages you are receiving, I would be able to at least make an attempt at writing something that would work.

This automated process i have outlined would be the best option for you I think. But you could also try a mouse pointer recorder, and record all the movements of the mouse when you do this once, and then just have the recording run over and over again on your computer.

So, my best advice to you is to give more info. And a lot of it.

hey, i have a task to perform and it tells me that i should click on software bot to prove that am human not being automatic,
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