I'm searching for a UML tool that can comprehensively 3D visualize a big
(class) diagram.

Something like a crossover between Google Sketchup and a proper modelling
tool - or a tool which uses an XMI export as a base for its 3D
Ideally it would also provide an interactive presentation mode (add layers,
'zoom' into entities to view details, etc) and a video export.

I've been evaluating some tools - but what I've found are more or less
just PoCs.

Can anyone suggest such a tool?
Or has anyone even got some experience with this?


This is not a computer science question. And it's not interesting.

Also the answer is that there are no such tools. (Or if there are, they aren't good. Heck, there aren't any good 2D UML tools. The fact that you're specifically asking for 3D instead of simply the most optimal UML visualization tool probably means there's something wrong with your worldview.)

http://www.eclipse.org/gef3d/ is the most advanced implementation of 3D UML tools. Ignore the previous response he doesn;t know what he is talking about. Rewording it from a computer science perspective, diagram notation for computer science is hard but can be extrenely powerful (e.g. state machines). Not enough computer science is done in this area, leading to notations thae can be confusing (hence poor UML tools driven by industry). 3D UML can be useful but is even harder to implement than 2D. There are a few computer science papers in the subject, they should all reference Dwyer who did research into 2.5 D.