I building a android system for single user (college project)
and i require to draw a modeling diagram
(DFD, UML something like that)

I just wonder which modeling diagram is suitable for 1 entity?

How my system work:
User enter input, system give out output to user.

I tried with DFD, it end up like looping. is it ok?

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If it is only to receive an input from a user via a system (which does both input and output), then yes it would have 2 arrows going going to and from the same system. It is just a flow of data, so a loop-liked is still fine as long as there are conditions or understanding of how the data is pushed through the direction.

You can also use a state machine to model this simple of an entity, which a DFD is at a fundamental level (sort of).

thanks for the reply.
i guess i going to stick with DFD since it is easier for me...
another question, can i draw context diagram and level 0 only?
since it is a simple system, there no level 1?

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