i Wana start a project on this topic. what is the scope of this topic as i want to do MS in future. Is there any coding related work in this ? I have just started this project 5 days before. thanks

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What's the topic?

actually, I have started course on coursera.org. it is course on cryptgraphy. so i have just started it and i don't know is there any coding or practical work in that ? What exactly you trying to ask me ? ohh. i forget to mention the topic in the post. it's cryptography.

By practical work do you mean jobs? If so then I'd say yes, but they're probably few and far between. If you mean tasks that require coding effort then absolutely, software security is a big deal.

see, i m doing graduation and just want to any project. So i choose this one. But as my placements sessions are going to come, So i want to choose a project in which there should be some coding also so that it will also improve my coding skills along with the project. that's what i am aiming at. i am not talking about jobs. i am asking about computer work involved in it rather than just thoery and theory.

somebody please reply

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