I'm a programmer..
I love to code..
But sometimes it gets really hard to think about the solution of some problems.
I have basic knowledge of c, c++ and java.
I also know web programming languages like html, javascript, php, css etc.
But when it comes to experience, I have very few of it.
I want to gain some experience in programming.
I want to improve my programming skills so that I can go ahead n try code good programss.
I want to be a software developer.
But I have very little knowledge about software development.
Can you tell me , how to improve programming logic?
I'm still studying in college.
But when I get out of it, I want to be a good programmer.
I just lack experience..
and Good programming skills..

Give your self some tasks to do that will push yourself. It's the searching for a solution that will develop your 'programming logic' as you put it. Also try doing the same task but in different languages, that way you will learn how languages differ to one another.

Also learn that'web programming languages' you mentioned are NOT programming languages. They are mark-up languages and server-side scripting languages and probably not very helpfull for a software developer.

If you want to be a software developer for now I would focus more on learning the C languages (probably start with C and C#), java and one interpreted language like python for doing quick 'scripting-like' tasks. If you have many years left before entering the work place I would recommend learning with Pascal first as it can also be expanded later for oo-programming! Then move on to the aforementioned.

EDIT I probably didnt stress enough that eventually you should look to learn an oo-language. But if your programming skills are weak I'd leave this until you get better.

Heres a few things I did:

  • Learn a language with a different model to what you would usually come across i.e A stack-oriented programming language, interpreted languages.

  • Learn about compilers and linkers, make a simple one. (This was a huge help when going into the work place.)

  • Toy Programming: Make a chat bot, but make it different to those you find reguarly on the internet, i.e it talks about one of your intrests. Mine was rythming bot.

  • Buy the 'standards' book for a programming language and learn from it. Not these 'teach yourself c in 28 days' rubbish. i.e http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-Programming-Language-2nd-Edition/dp/0131103628/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1350136756&sr=8-1 it does not hold your hand so much but if you study it hard you will be a god!!

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