Hi, I was thinking of buying an 8 core Xeon 3.0GHz (16 threaded) cpu but still want more. Is it possible to buy two of these cpu's and stick them both in the same computer sharing the same power supply, graphics card etc. I know this might be a silly question but maybe there is something like a mini server rack with a couple of cpu boards that I could buy in the one unit. So the question is - is it possible to put multiple cpu boards in the one computer (boards not cores). The other question is if not then are there any items like server racks with 2-4 slots for these cpu inserts? Thanks.

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Yes, you can buy motherboards that have multiple CPU slots. How do you think we managed multiple cores before multi-core processors came out? ;)

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Excellent information and gr8 news for me!

Cool. I'm gonna love my new cpu (Xeon 2.27GHz 8x2core (16 core/32 threads total)) for my latest computer. Thanks for the information as I really need this extra cpu.

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