I am going to use exact data matching technique and probabilistic data matching technique for my fyp. But the problem is I cannot figure out what is the algorithm that can be use. the only algorithm that I found is the string algorithm and there are so many of them. Can you all help me by giving the name of algorithm can I can use? Thanks a lot.

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What is "FYP"? Anyway, if you're looking for a fuzzy string comparison then a good start would be with Levenshtein distances or Soundex.

Fyp is final year project. I'snt fuzzy matching is used for string? Can it also can be use to matching the data? Im confuse. Hope you can explain a little bit more? Thank you very much.

You'll need to be more specific. What constitutes your "data"?

I want to match data from database. For example, if I choose Park 1, then all rent house in Park 1 will be retrieve. The user will retrieve it from website that I build according to user preferences. If user choose Park B, then all available rent houses from Park B will be rerieve.

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