Hi! I'm trying to operate a pc using EEG signals, as my academic project. I mean, using our thoughts instead of input devices to handle the operations of a computer. I hav EEG signals which I can process in Matlab. But, after that I hav no idea of how to use the signal to do the intended operation.

Do anyone know which language I hav to use to process. And, how could it be progressed further?


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The first thing that pops up is FFT: example

What exactly do you want to do with these signals? How do you think an FFT algorithm would fit into this? It's a pretty hard question; when you give so little about what it is you're trying to do. Please expand more.

Phorce, I'm trying to stop a song which is being played with the help of those signls.

As ddanbe said, I hav to process the signal using FFT first. Later I hav to use the processded signal or manipulate it in a programming lang to do the intended task.

You have not given a clear indication of how you plan on doing this. I.e. what methods are you trying to extract from the signal which will allow for you to "stop playing a song".

Thinking about it; to me, you will need to have a means of training or modeling a system based on some kind of feature extraction. But, does need to be in the frequency domain? I don't know, it depends on what features you are trying to extract and why. (Not all feature extraction happens in the frequency domain, some can be in the time-domain). Going back to my original point, how are you going to train these signals?

Firstly, if I was you, I would read some papers on feature extraction within this area. For example, MFCC etc.. So what do the signals you want to investigate. Then, you need to look at a way of modelling this data, i.e. would it be better to use a Hidden Markov Model (HMM) or could you use Dynamic Time Warping (DTW).

There are lots of papers on this; read them and then more specific questions can be asked. At the minute, you're not very specific and to me, I don't think you have enough experience within this field to be able to do something like this. So, you could potentially look for other solutions (i.e. how have other people done this) and then figure where to go from there.

Hope this was somewhat helpful

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