Hi members,
I need to make a chatbot in prolog, but i dont know how to go about doing it,
im not too familiar with prolog so i cant do it by myself,
was wondering if anyone will help me.

I did something like that last week. My friends and I wrote a program in Prolog that basically took a question from the user and inverted the articles so as to pose the question back to the user.

Do you hope to just run this from the command line or do you actually want a chatbot capable of interfacing with an im client?

thanks for ur mesag..
well basically it has to be like a chat system..
wer if i say hi to the system it should reply bak to me apropiatly, ie say hi back..
i should be able to have a conversation with the chat bot...
does that make sence??

So it sounds like you just want to run a prolog program capable of making conversation eh? Okay. How much do you know about prolog? I.E., what do you have so far?

not alot unfortunatly.. :(
iv tried reading up on it but non of it makes any sence to me..

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