I am a programming student and I've realized lately that while I understand many of the concepts I'm being taught, I still, after several programming classes, tend to have trouble with multi dimensional arrays.

Does anyone know of a good tutorial devoted to this?

I realize I can do a simple google search but as part of an assignment for another class we're required to post something here.

The problem is usually more in the head of the programmer.
Once you can equate it to something, it becomes clear( er ).

Think about how to describe to someone where you are sitting in a movie theater.
If you are in third row back and the fifth seat over, how do describe that to your friend who is coming to sit next to you?

For me, the best thing I did to understand this concept was just to create some multi-dimensional arrays and play with them.

I can kinda get 2 but more than 2 is where it starts to get hairy in my brain.

Major hindrance is for me only which is running faster, column or row number. Different programming languages have different practices. It is easy to name row for column and exchange the roles. Good thing is that it really does not matter so much as mostly this transposing does not matter, but if you start to interface to other code, you can get trouble.

Since you did not specify which programming language you are using i ll give you this link Link Anchor Text . It s for c# and the content is very well explained.So give it a try.

Castajiz 2 thanks for the link! It's definitely an issue I struggle with in many of the languages I've been learning. And pyTony, I have definitely noticed such an issue with a mouse maze java program I had to write. In fact, that is part of what inspired me to ask the question.

Thanks for the help everyone!

You are wellcome, mark then this question solved as the original poster.

I know it's already been 3 weeks, but if you are still interested, here is a short tutorial on arrays that I did in response to a poster about a month ago for C++ :

Click Here