Hi there. I am starting my second semester of year one in uni and I didn't write good reports on previous work and I was wondering if you could check this essay I am reading now. And give additions or point out what part the author has gotten wrong and I will be most thankful. Other than that I have to learn alot of languages this semester including haskell,javascript,php,xml,html, Java, SQL, Artificial Intelligence.I am still learning C which is my first language and I want master it and I never feel comfortable until I know every bit(well not every but most) and pieces of anything. From students experience how did you keep up with learning alot of languages in a short period of time. Or should I just go with where the teacher touches so I can better grade. Or how about this? I would just like to get your ideas.

First, make sure you are versant in predicate logic - all computer languages use that for decision making. Learn (master) C++. A lot of other languages are based upon it, such as Java, PhP, etc. SQL is another beast, and studying Codd and Date is appropriate for that - understanding relational algebra and calculus, as well as the SQL query language itself. As far as I'm concerned, Javascript is a b@sT@rd language, and should be purged from human memory! I've had to work with JS recently, and to tell the truth, it has given me a massive headache!