I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this.
Here goes: I would like to convert a html page to an image.
I've done googling. Most of the findings led me to downloading sharewares.
As this project has a tight budget, I reckon I should build something to do just that.
However, I'm quite lost at the moment.
What kind of technology/algorithm should I use ?

Initially I thought of doing it in Java, loading the html in JEditorPane and then capturing the content into a BufferedImage object.
However, due to the fact that JEditorPane only supports up to HTML3.2, the output is not quite as desired.
Is there any other alternatives to this problem ?

If I am to go to "Screen Capture", how do I go about capturing the whole HTML, instead of capturing what you see on-screen ?
Also, can screen capture be done in the background, which means, no browser will be brought up ?

Thanks in advance.

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