please help me to start working on ANN

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Hmm... I don't know, seriously... How about start from reading? The WikiPedia may help you a bit.

If you think you understood the theory but do not know how to apply on an application, that would be a completely different story. You just feel disconnected. I too was disconnected and I went to ask my professor. Unfortunately, my professor answered me I don't know and he did nothing to help me understand. I had to move on and received a bad grade (C). You may have a better professor than I have that he could explain to you better. Even now, I understood the theory and how to compute it, but I have no idea how to apply the thing to an application...

Google for a plethora of ANN tutorials, examples etc.

Also take a look at your library or bookstore if you have access to them.

neural network is giving only result not explanation and rule base system is give you explanation also

Neural network programming isn't trivial. What other programming experience and training (theory) do you have already? Myself, I had to take a course from MIT to get reasonably up to speed on the subject, and I already had about 15 years of professional software engineering experience.

For a fun, practical way to get started with neural networks (or other types of machine learning) you could have a look at NetLogo. It's a modelling environment in which you can create and run a ton of different kinds of simulations. It has a large sample library, which includes some ANN examples as well. It's based on a simple programming language where you can easily add/adjust the simulation, but also add GUI controls for easy adjustment of your variable values while running the model. You can also create graphs and plots for a good overview of what's happening in your simulation.

It won't drive a car for you, but it'll give you a way to expirement and perhaps gain some more insight in the matter.

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