Can someone please provide me with some examples that would be best in describing how each model; the OSI and the TCP/IP model work. I understand how each have layers etc, but im having a hard time finding examples of when it would be best to use either of the models.

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Although i have to be absolutely honest and say i have visited all four of those sites, and like i said in my post from before; im not looking to understand the 7 layers, i want real life examples of where the OSI model has been used.
Thank you very much anyways.

The OSI model is used everywhere network communication takes place.... NEtwork communication doesn't happen without adherence to those standards.

i want real life examples of where the OSI model has been used.

the OSI and the TCP/IP model are conceptual models. They act as a reference for communication should work between any two points in a network. The primary goal is to guide product implementors so that their products will consistently work with other products if they adhere to the standards.

so... like an email for example; would that go through an OSI model? or TCP/IP model?

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Again, so these are just models. If the various systems that are interconnected have designed their hardware and software according to the model (protocols, standards, etc...) then communication can occur between the systems.

So in the case of email. With respect to protocols for example.. If two email systems were developed without these models in mind, one system may implement a mail type protocol called "ABC" and the other system may develop a protocol called "DEF". Since the protocols are different, they cannot communicate with one another.

Its the same concept as if you speak English and need to communicate with someone else, you need them to speak the same version of English you speak. You both also need to have "hardware" components such as mouth and ear that work along the same parameters. Otherwise, communication is not possible. Before communication occurs between hosts, these things are negotited between the hosts....

hope that silly example makes sense.

Now, you as a developer of hardware or software would reference this model. You may not need to worry about all of the layers though. Say you build network interface cards. You only need to worry about the lower 2 layers. You dont need to worry about the higher layers that deal with application protocols. As a NIC manufacturer you need to be concerened with layers 1 and 2...how the NIC plugs into the network, how the NIC converts the digital signal into an electrical (or radio as an example...), etc...

Each layer of these models depend on the one below and above to be able to participate in the communication process.

TCPIP suite of protocols is built using the OSI model. Your question makes no sense.

Thank you soso much @JorgeM that example was perfect I totally get it now :D