Hi guys I am already done with my specialization, it was Business Analytics Track or what we guys know as SAS. I am thinking of getting a Master's degree after I graduate, I'm wondering if getting an MBA will be a great combination for my SAS specialization. Do you think it will be a good choice for me? Thank you for those who will respond to my thread:)

I think it's a good choice in general, but I know nothing about you, so I can't say if it's a good choice for you.

@deceptikon nonetheless thanks for the reply

@deceptikon nonetheless thanks for the reply

Translation: "I think your answer was worthless, but I'll be polite". ;)

What kind of answer are you looking for? A master's degree is nearly always valuable, but the extra time involved in getting one could be prohibitive for your personal goals and target job.

Hmmmm, it depends on what you like doing. Nobody here is able to say that it is going to be the perfect choice for your future as we don't know what your business/IT skills are like. I heard that a MBA is a good degree but I personally don't like it because I'm doing a bachelor of IT at uni and if I wanted to complete my higher education(master's degree), it would be in either computer science or pure IT.

Good luck with the decision.

SAS is Business Analaytics, A Master's Degree in Business Administration will allow me to know important details in business so that I can design/program a business system properly. Well that's what I'm thinking.

@deceptikon I could not think of a better reply :)