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I have designed a website on the java and now I am facing many problems of designing and setting the layout. So suggest me the language to be used to designe a website which is more flexible and easyly modification can be done. I selected java on the basis of having more secure languge but its need more time and i am unble to modify it. So suggest me the best language to be used. And also to gain more traffice towards my website.

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I think PHP is a good idea. Front end will always be html you can't get around that.

Just remember that PHP is a true object-oriented language. Use it appropriately. I posted an article about how to best utilize it here. You can find it here:

Just remember that PHP is a true object-oriented language. Use it appropriately. I posted an article in these forums about how to best utilize it.

Have you asked your computer science teacher for a recommended language?

His problems stem solely from a lack of understanding and knowledge of his chosen platform, not from a lack of capabilities in that platform to do what he wants to do.
Changing to another platform isn't going to change that, only a willingness to learn and experiment, to gain knowledge, understanding, and experience will.
If he's incapable or unwilling to put in that effort to get the job done in Java, switching to another language isn't going to help him one bit.

Given that this thread dates from a month ago, and that there seemed to be a definite time limit approaching when that post was written, I doubt that the OP is still having that particular issue at this point.

My guess is he's still having that issue (lack of knowledge of Java) but has since moved on to other things, after "borrowing" enough code from some website or another kid in his class at school to get a passing grade on his assignment.

Would be nice if the OP would tell the rest of us which more flexible programming language was found.

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