I am an experienced computer user who is now looking at getting into software design. My problem is this: I can't figure out what language to start with! I have hunted around the internet and was thinking about starting with JavaScript for the basic fundamentals of programming, but wanted to get some experienced programmers opinions. I've also played around with C++, but not very much.

What language do you recommend to begin with and why?

I am open to pretty much anything, including multi-platform languages. I'm not afraid of Linux!


I recommend Python as a first language. It's very forgiving, whereas my recommendation for a second language, C, is not.

Python is good for learning.
Java has a lot more resources available for it though, and is used more in the real world (making your new skills more marketable at least in theory).

why does everyone but ME start with python?

i STILL don't know python. but put the problem this way:

i know a bunch more about the brass tacks of data, memory usage, and exception handling from starting with C++ and going down to C. I would recommend how i started: go with C++.

but, whichever you choose, i can give you this advice, and you will enjoy your programs over all others, even when they don't work:

"Never make anything simple and concise when you can make it complex and beautiful."