I am a BTech student in Computer Science. And interested in computers, software, programming languages etc.
I have learnt HTML,C,C++. But there are so many things out there....it's confusing what to learn and where.
I wanna learn more and achieve more. Like really get good at it..but I lack motivation and lose confidence in myself.

I need help and I am ready to learn things.
But where do I start?

Thankyou for your help.

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You start from an idea for an application (desktop, mobile, arduino... whatever).
It would be best if it is your own idea, but you can also find plenty of "wishlists" on the web.

When you have motivation for making this idea a reality - start exploring and asking question, find the right technology (android/java, windows/c++, iphone, etc...)

You can start by searching similar solutions in opensource comunities.

You can also join an opensource project.

Good luck!

You could study Python, a "glue language" for C/C++. It is easy to learn and allows you to develop smaller projects quickly. This might keep you interested in experimenting with some of your own ideas.

Hi yoavip

You need to know which direction you want to go and also which language(s) you are most comfortable with. Do you want to specialize in mobile or web or business based applications, SAP, etc. Once you have direction on these your path will be clearer.


I am aware that you mentioned you are a student, perhaps you should consider speaking with your Professor(s)/ Lecturer(s) to get involved in projects.

This should assist in clarifying if you are more interested in hardware or software. Also, there is always alot to learn but focus on a particular technology at a specific time is important in the field of Computer science.

As much practical things you can do the better your skills will developed with time and also build your resume.


Find some way to motivate yourself and keep learning no matter what. One thing I learned is that you have to PROGRAM as much as you can. You can learn Java, JavaScript, IOS, Android, Ruby on rails, or python next. READ TOO!

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