Hello , first of all I need to make clear that although I understand , and have done projects modifying code that is already there (and created my own minions) , in the core of C and C++ I wouldn't consider to know those a bit, I have just a glimpse of what those languages are capable of. Let's suppose that you have a program that runs endless (almost) in C++ (lets call it A) and it can take take something for input and throw out a result. Differentiating input / outputs could be done through a port of this and I guess that would be a better way because input would come only from inside the server (from program B). Then you have one second program that is run through CGI it would take the server data from an HttpRequest would pass it to A , take the response from A and serve it to the caller.

I am in the process of thinking to trying to archive such an architecture. I know the relationship C and C++ has with every major web company and any (in my knowledge , I know for Java and PHP) OOP like language. But what I am asking is quite different, it is an another architecture. Should I give it a try it , or there are some other things that I am missing?

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What exactly do YOU mean by "archive" an architecture? What precisely are you trying to accomplish?

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What exactly do YOU mean by "archive" an architecture? What precisely are you trying to accomplish?

That was a spelling mistake I made. With “archive” I meant achieve . And of course “achieve an architecture” isn't accurate , but better would be “implement an architecture”.

There are two questions here , the first one if that architecture is something that can be done , I thought asking here before trying it because someone might have experiences to share about it , or even opinions of how to implement it.

The second question (that the actual implementation will show in facts) is if such an architecture would result a web application that uses “the minimum” of server resources.

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