Please see attachment. Any help is appreciated! :D

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Presumably you've been taught everything you need to know in class to handle this assignment so you already have the tools you need.
Step 1 is to make sure you understand the problem. Do this by working your way through the steps your program would need to do in english.
I.e. read a file, know when it's finished reading the file, need to store the values so how do I do that, etc.

Once you've got your flow sorted you can start with the actual code, building it up a step at a time. And once you've got something to show us and are still having trouble then people might be more interested in helping. Make an effort and then ask for help.

Personally, this isn't a hard problem and either you are too lazy to try or didn't understand the course material so far. Both problems are fixable with a little work on your part.

The PDF is the assignment but nothing more. Time to design your program, step by step, then write it according to those steps.

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