hey there i find it difficult to write pseudocode of two stacks that sum two binary numbers and print the answer i can use a third stack for help. for example S1 is 11001110 and S2 101010 the answer will print 11111000 please help me with that

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What have you tried so far?

Do you have more specific instructions? What is supposed to go into the stacks? I would guess digits.

You'll need to track some extra data, but you shouldn't need a whole third stack.


cant you just convert it to a decimal number (e.g. int), add them up, and then convert back to binary?

This looks like an assignment intended to illustrate a few concepts about stacks and arithmetic algorithms; such a conversion would defeat its purpose. But if it's not (Sami will have to tell us), there are indeed simpler ways to add numbers.

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If the answer is to print, you do not need another stack but rather a variable to hold the carrier...

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