Hi everyone,Am looking for an individual project in Artificial Intelligence.I have an idea of doing a project about on intelligent human expert forum system.

This system tries to discover and track solutions to problems posted by help seekers.For this purpose it also maintains a record of the knowledge experts and invites them whenever posts remain unanswered.

Can anyone give me advice if this is good one.I have got 7 months to work on my project.Also I would like to know what programming language and methodologies can be used.

Any help or suggestion wud be much appreciated :)


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Yes.....so is it kind of difficult and complex? Also can u please tell me the approach I can follow, together with the prog language.Well....I know Java and C#.net

The project is just an efficient knowledge sharing forum system ............. something like this 'daniweb' forum...which gives answers to help seeker's problems.......but a better one....Am thinking of using fuzzy logic.

I want my project to be ONE of the best even though not the best.So if this is not OK then can u please give some other project idea ...something that addresses current issues......preferably in Artificial Intelligence

Thousand thankkkks !!! :)

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