I want to do a software project regarding barcode scanning. Basically I want to take an image of a 1D barcode then process the picture file and Decode the barcode.I am not a great programmer but I know the basics. I want to develop my skills through it. I want to use java or c++ for this project.
I am not sure where to start or should I even start.
How complex might it be?
Can anyone help me suggesting where to start or what should I learn to make this possible?
And how much time might it take to complete this if I give my time in learning to process image and learn decoding algorithms?

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Frankly, bar code decoding should be a function you add to your app rather than craft it again.

But I fear you have missed the big lesson in coding and that is how to research. I find many new programmers are loathe to do research and some go so far as to "gimme the codez." Decoding barcodes, how to and more was easy to find using any of the major search engines.

I had to write barcode scanning and decoding software back in the mid-1980's so our customers could use barcode scanners to log in/out workers from the plant (a major steel manufacturer). I had to research all of that so that the software could store the data (login/logout times) into the database for each employee. It was a LOT faster than the old way of punching in/out of a timeclock. The company liked it. The employees liked it. Win-win all around. This isn't rocket science, but you need to do your research first.

And yes, we had images of the employees stored in the database so they were displayed on the terminal when they clocked in/out and security could verify there were the right person and not someone else substituting for them (not uncommon). FWIW, that was one of the most high-tech stainless steel plants in the country.

i have problem with barcode print with barcode print device

i am not pro either in barcode programming. But I guess you can download a barcode library any open source and use it for barcode scanning. But if you are looking to develop your own barcode scanning . You might need to design the random patterns for each number . For example number 4 would have 10 different patterns for identification. It like a code the language like a detective. ;)

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