I'm a master's student preparing for my master thesis
I'm interrsting to be software engineer
I need help for topics that will reflect my dream goal as software engineer
although my supervisor gave my task to write proposal in natural language processing
I dont know if is a good area to reseach on

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What is wrong with the proposal of your supervisor?

You need to decide what research areas excite you. FWIW, natural language processing is an important research area. You have parsing of phenomes to deal with, and then taking the results to make sense. This work is necessary to translate one language into another by computer.

Another interesting topic, that's apropos for today, is AI Ethics. How far do we go in incorporating the 3 Laws of Robotics, that Asimov codified. Do we make exceptions for military, medical, security,policing,etc.? As AI becomes more advanced, how much autonomy do we give them? At what point can they be called sentient?

commented: One of my favorite lines. "Fantastic machine, the M-5: no off-switch." Dr. McCoy. +12

@rproffitt - As I recall, they tried to unplug it. Didn't work out too well for Ensign Ricky.

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