Hello all, I was wondering if I could get some questions answered about how cupons work in the work place. I have an idea which involves creating a very flexible cupon service, but would require knowing the rudiments of how cupons work. The main question I have is how is tax calculated on a ware as it is sold under a cupon service. I believe that would be the only thing I would have to stringently mandate as far as the cupon goes, since the institution wishes to clear the merchendise from the floor. The service would involve some C# back end classes which would be passed to an IronPython sandbox such that the users could be very flexible with their cupons, and the domain specific-ness of it could be passed various aspects of the order, such as items, the order it's self, etc. I don't want code, this is a generic discussion on the best way to implement a cupon service using a python sandbox. The classes would be stored in the database as clobs, and I would probably have a seperate service for implementing the registration of said cupon.

The real susbstance of this question is (so make sure you answer this one question) what are the legalities as far as implementing cupons that I have to implement such that I am in good standing with the authorities? These would be implemented as sealed methods or objects.

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For legal advice, you should use your lawyer in the country you plan to operate.

I think the best advise one would have been able to give on this topic is calculate tax prior to issuing the cupon perhaps? Sound about right? Don't let the scripting API determine tax? Any closer? Non-inheritable method? Brain cells?

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The question is very muddled, as it seems to be mixing unrelated topics - the technologies for developing a coupon system (whatever you mean by that, as it isn't entirely clear if you are talking about transferrable discounts or something else; also, note the spelling of 'coupon'), the legal requirements for a coupon system, and the tax code in your local jurisdiction, just to name a few.

As rproffit stated, the best person to discuss the legalities of such a system would be legal counsel (presumably one specializing in contract law as it applies to transferrable discount coupons), not a technical forum. Similarly, the issues of tax codes would be better referred to a CPA, or more likely, a lawyer specializing in tax law (which is a very different topic from contract law vis a vis discounting, which means you'd need to talk to two lawyers at minimum).

None of which relates to the technical side of how to compute the tax applied to these discounts, though you won't be able to write your code for that without speaking to those experts first.

The statements and questions regarding the technology used are, to be blunt, baffling to me. They are so general and uninformative that there simply isn't any substance to what you've said which I can comment on. Could you please explain your intended design in greater detail (without revealing any proprietary information, of course)?

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