Hey, I am in desperate need of some assistance with this Baffles coding. I do not know where to begin and I am completely confused with the instructions
the link above is a link to the old thread as a reference.
I am using the c++ language and the Qt Creator.

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What part has you confused? It seems pretty straight forward to me. This sounds like it's very similar to a game called Black Box. Perhaps that wikipedia page will help.

commented: Thanks for that. Another example at +15

This looked sufficiently entertaining that I kept in touch with one. I'm certain I've done this previously...
I utilized C, as opposed to C++. Here's the all out header:

#define FIELD_ROWS 10 
#define FIELD_COLS 10 
typedef enum { CELL_EMPTY, CELL_NW, CELL_NE } CellType; 
typedef CellType Field[FIELD_ROWS][FIELD_COLS]; 
typedef struct { int x, y; } Location; 
typedef struct { int dx, dy; } Direction; 
typedef struct { Location loc; Direction dir; } Vector; 
void fieldInit(Field);
void fieldPrint(Field); 
void fieldSetCell(Field, Location, CellType); 
CellType fieldgetCell(Field, Location); 
Vector vecFromNum(int); 
int numFromVec(const Vector *); 
void vectorPrint(const Vector *); 
int fire(Field, int);
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